Monday, 10 April 2017

Special Place

OLD Writing

GI is my special place to go because there are hair cut shop and other things to go. I like to go to the Library because they have a lot of books. The best thing in GI is Buying stuff and reading stuff for School. The most best best place is my home because I can read my big book and then play my game with my family.

Pak'nsave is a good shopping place to buy stuff like drinking, eating and using it for anything. This is not all. I like going to the beach because we can go to the park and play on the sand. We can even have a picnic on the beach.

NEW Writing

Sylvia Park is my special place to go because me and my family can go to the movies or go to a restaurant to have lunch and hang talk about what we do at school. I really like going to The Warehouse because it has heaps of clothes and stuff.

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