Thursday, 11 September 2014


I have been learning to write complete sentences, add details, and change the beginnings of my sentences.

One day I was sitting on a swing hanging from a tree in my backyard. I noticed a beautiful yellow butterfly flying around the bushes looking for sweet nectar.I heard a rabbit hopping away from me and I chased after it. While I was following the sweet little creature, I got lost in the forest. I found a small house.
When I opened the door I said “Hello is anyone home” but nobody answered There was no one in the house. Suddenly I smell food from the table so I tried the bowl. It was hot so I tried the other . It was   too squishy so I saw a last porridge  it was warm so I started to eat it all it was finish. I saw  three chairs in the launch when I sat on the dad chair it was too big so I went on the mother chair it was too soft so I went on the baby chair it was nice soft chair so I swing in back and forward into I fall down then the chair was broken then I was sad so I went up the stairs when I saw 3 beds I went on the big bed it was too big so I went on another bed it was too big when I saw the baby bed I went on it but it nice and cozy so went to sleep. When the bears went back home when the bears got home they was angry when their food has being eaten they said “How has being eating porridge” and the second bear said “ How was eating my porridge” when the baby said “My food is gone” wants the three bears went in the lounge then I said “how has being sitting on my chair” then the second bear said “how sat on my big chair” then the baby said “my chair is broken”. When the 3 bears went up stairs they saw 3 beds got flat then they saw goldilocks sleeping on the baby bed. When goldilocks saw the 3 bears she went off the bed and she went through the window and she ran away from the 3 bears then she went to grab her teddy bear then went back home when she got home her mum said “What have you been goldilocks” and she said “ I was in  the 3 bears house then I started to run away from the bears”. The mum said “you should stay away from the bears.

The Three Bears - Project

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